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Four Reasons People Fail the California Baby Bar

In California, some law students find themselves needing to study for and take the First Year Law Students’ Exam (also known as the Baby Bar or … [Read More...]


What Is the First-Year Law Students’ Exam (or the “Baby Bar”)?

The First-Year Law Student’s Examination (also known as the Baby Bar) is an exam given by the State Bar of California Committee of Bar Examiners. It … [Read More...]


Your Guide to Studying for the MPRE

Whether you just finished taking the bar exam or you're entering your 3L year, the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) is likely … [Read More...]

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Can Listening to Songs Help You Study for the MBE?

We were contacted by a new tool called Study Songs (an app you can download on your iPhone/iPad). They were nice enough to give us complementary … [Read More...]


Getting Ready for Game Day!

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4 Bar Exam Study Tips for Kinesthetic Learners

We’re wrapping up our series of bar exam study tips for different learning styles. We’ve talked about memorization tips for visual learners and … [Read More...]

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4 Bar Exam Study Tips for Auditory Learners

We're continuing our series of bar exam study tips for different learning styles. We've talked about memorization tips for visual learners. In this … [Read More...]

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5 Bar Exam Study Tips for Visual Learners

Memorization is a key factor in how well you'll perform on the bar exam. If you're sitting for the July exam, you've likely been studying for weeks … [Read More...]