Bar Exam Study Tips 101

We know how challenging the bar exam study process is. We hope these tips will help you get through and find exam success!Just click a link below to jump to useful content:

Basic Background & Thoughts on the Bar Exam

When Should You Take the Exam?

When Should You Start Studying?

Selecting the Right Tools for You

Studying for the Writing Portion

MBE Tips

Taking Care of Yourself

  • Taking Care of Yourself is a Critical Part of Your Bar Exam Preparation Making sure you’re well taken care of is part of what will keep you healthy for the bar exam.
  • Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Students often tell Lee that they are incredibly tired going into the final weeks of bar prep. When she asks how much sleep they are getting, the answer is almost always five to six hours. For most of us, that just isn’t enough!
  • What if You Get Sick During Bar Prep? The most important thing you can do is recover. Although you may feel like watching potential study hours slip away is going to kill your changes of passing, it isn’t.
  • Optimal Nutrition for Bar Exam Success Studying until you drop is not the best practice. Make sure you are taking care of your body during this trying time using tips from our guest blogger and Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Caitlin Weeks.
  • Can I Take a Break? Of course! Lee explains why it is critical to your bar exam prep to treat yourself to much needed and well-deserved breaks.

Getting Mentally Ready

Balancing Life and Bar Prep

Working While Studying

Getting Ready for Game Day!

Ninja-Level Study Tips

If You are Having a Freak-out, We are Here to Help!

Some Help for the Bar Exam Significant Other

It’s Bar Exam Day!

You’ve Completed the Bar – What’s Next?

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