Tools for Bar Exam Success: AdaptiBar MBE Substantive Lectures

flat-panel-monitor-1031158-mWe have reviewed AdaptiBar before on this site and we feel it is an excellent tool for those studying for the bar exam who are looking for additional MBE help. Students constantly tell me they are happy with the product, especially the mobile apps that allow them to practice MBE questions on their phones or iPads. This is especially convenient for working students who are looking for easy ways to practice MBEs on their lunch hour or even during their commute. [Read more...]

Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Study for the MPRE

paper-samples-800705-mNow that we have discussed the MPRE and it is on your radar that you want to take it as soon as possible, it’s time to turn your attention to studying for the actual exam.  [Read more...]

Studying for the MPRE

learning-with-pencil-948188-mWhat is the MPRE?

The MPRE is the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination. Also known as the “ethics bar” it is required for bar exam admission in most jurisdictions. It is a 2-hour and 5-minute, 60-question multiple-choice test on professional responsibility. [Read more...]

You Are Ready to Conquer the Bar Exam!?!

scanning-test-517386-mIt is finally here, exam week. The weeks (or months) of studying you have put in have come to an end. You likely know more law than you ever thought you could know. You have written more essays and done more MBEs than you thought possible. You are prepared. Now, you just need to execute the exam just as you have prepared. To help you get through exam week, we have some tips for you. [Read more...]

Can Paper Clips Help You Pass the Performance Test

paper-clip-1085914-mIf you are taking the bar exam in a jurisdiction that includes a performance test portion, this post is for you.

Although the performance test portion is my favorite part of the exam (because you need to know absolutely no law to be successful), it can be frustrating for many people. One common complaint I hear from students is that there is just simply too much paper to keep up with. This is especially true in California where the performance test packet can be 60 to 70 pages long! [Read more...]

Are You Living With a Bar Exam Studier? Here’s How to Cope!

heart-in-the-sand-1031657-mLike many of you are doing now, my husband was once studying day-in and day-out for the February bar exam. Beginning the day after Christmas, he spent nearly every waking moment in his home office that we nicknamed the Bar Cave. Yes, there were nights he actually slept on the floor of the Cave. [Read more...]

Can This $12.60 Book Help You Pass the Bar Exam?

9781441464118_p0_v1_s260x420A former bar student (and now good friend of mine) and I were talking the other day and she mentioned that she had recently rediscovered a book that really helped her be mentally ready for the bar exam. What was that book (you might ask)? [Read more...]

A Slightly Counterintuitive Way to Study for the MBE

study-1212730-mAs we get closer to the February bar exam, studying efficiently becomes ever more important.

Here’s a tip for improving your MBE scores — force yourself to focus primarily on the material you don’t know. [Read more...]

Review of Lean Sheets Bar Exam Outlines

sheets-of-paper-4-1200830-mMany bar studiers are overwhelmed with the amount of information they need to study for the bar exam. In addition, at this point in the bar exam process, with only weeks left to prepare, bar studiers may feel that there is no way they can wade through long outlines or additional lectures.

This is why Lean Sheets were developed—to help those of you studying for the bar exam pare down the information to what you need to know. Then you can spend your time practicing and doing more practice, which, as you know, we here at the Bar Exam Toolbox consider a critical element of your bar preparation. [Read more...]

Four Bar Exam Obsessions (You Could Do Without)

heart-in-your-hands-761892-mWe are just under a month out to the bar exam and I know everyone’s stress level is getting high. As I talk to folks studying around the country, I am starting to notice that students are becoming obsessed with all things bar exam related. And some of these obsessions are not productive and could actually be damaging to your preparation. Lee’s latest post at Solo Practice University includes four bar exam obsessions you could do without. Click over to see what she says. [Read more...]