California Bar Exam Tutoring

Lee BurgessLee Burgess offers one-on-one tutoring for the California bar exam.

How can a bar exam tutor help you?

Lee believes that working with a tutor on an individual basis helps students study smarter by creating targeted test preparation approaches that will lead to better exam results. Whether you are taking the bar for the first time and looking to supplement a classroom program or tackling the test after getting disappointing results, Lee can help you navigate through the study process to get ready for the next exam.

  • If you are taking the bar for the first time: It is important to remember that if you are taking a commercial bar review course — it is one course designed to help thousands of people at a time. Not everything may work for you! And if you need different or additional support, you should ask for help! Many students who have disappointing bar experiences know that things aren’t going well during their first bar preparation period. If that is you, Lee can help you work on your exam-taking skills and give you the much-needed feedback that many people feel is missing from a commercial bar review experience.
  • If you are getting ready to re-take the bar exam: If you are seeking tutoring after a disappointing bar experience, it is crucial that you work with a tutor who you deem can both effectively evaluate what went wrong on your previous bar experience and empower you to be successful in the future. Lee believes students are empowered through learning the best way to study based on their individual needs, by getting detailed and constructive feedback, and by learning the skills necessary to be successful on exam day.

Lee’s job isn’t just to tell you how to do it; it is to give you the tools to succeed! Lee cannot be in the exam room with you. You are the only one who can produce winning results on exam day. Lee sees her role as empowering you by giving you the skills necessary to be the best exam-taker you can be. You will feel confident that you know what a good essay looks like. You will be confident you know what a good performance exam essay looks like. You will have your plan of how to attack an essay or performance exam. You will even have a plan if you don’t know the law! But you will not be lost. You will have a new set of tools that you can draw upon to make this bar experience different from the last!

Lee makes sure that your study techniques match your learning style: One of the great things about working with Lee is that she uses different approaches to match your learning style. This process really is about getting YOU ready for the bar exam, not just some theoretical student. Do you learn best from flash cards? Outlining? Flow charts? Do you struggle with time management? Writing style? Organization? The key is to utilize the study skills you already have and build on them based on the needs of the bar exam.

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